Application for photography job

I’m Attila Volgyi photographer, video journalist, small footprint filmmaker, multimedia content creator and drone pilot. My expertise benefits my employers and grants I am able to get the best pictures they need to show happenings in the most visual way.

Throughout my varied career of roughly twenty years in journalism and news photography, I have gained significant and invaluable experience in all areas of photojournalism.
Due to this wealth of experience, I have developed an advanced ability to be flexible and solve the most versatile tasks under challenging circumstances – let it be a conference, cultural event, or fieldwork in urban areas or in the wilderness. I regularly work in the field as a ‘one-man-army’, however I am also accustomed to teamwork as a multi-national team member in a coordinated manner.

I spent most of my career in traditional mass media photography, written media, and video journalism. My media work consists of over 120 thousand photos for print and online newspapers such as Hungary’s Business Daily (Napi Gazdaság), Germany’s Bild am Sontag, France’s L’Express and Norway’s Verdens Gang among many others and a host of international news agencies, and some television channels like ARTE TV.

I won the third prize in the Nature and Science category of the Hungarian Press Photo Contest. A number of my photos were on display at the Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition in Hungarian National Museum in multiple years and the 40 Years of Hungarian Press Photo exhibition held at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre.
I have a remarkable record of blog posts and social media presence, my blog won the special prize of the Goldenblog award’ Expert Jury and a 9th place on the People’s Choice award of the competition.

I have actively developed my skillset and knowledge in mobile journalism – I am able to provide full broadcast-quality TV coverage or photo reportage with a mobile device if demanded by the circumstances, however, I prefer to use professional equipment. I’m well trained in traditional media formats, but I’m never afraid of experimenting with new media, social networks and new technologies.

I am equipped with and fully trained on all the technological aspects and software required for all styles of photography, video editing, drone imagery and journalism, providing professional work that meets the highest international standards in all my projects prioritising the needs of the assignment.

My day-to-day job requires a confident knowledge of English to a high standard, both in professional settings and in my personal life. I strive to continuously improve my language skills, both verbal and written, I aim to read books and listen to podcasts and audiobooks exclusively in English. I have prior experience as a translator and my blog was published both in English and Hungarian.

My passport is valid and is always ready for travel, as well as my photo gear. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 20 countries on 3 continents, and counting – I’m always up for planning my next journey.

My career in numbers:

  • 120e+ published pictures
  • 1400+ events
  • 1300+ reportages
  • 350+ awards ceremony
  • 300+ conferences
  • 250+ press conferences
  • 200+ politics event
  • 150+ diplomacy meeting
  • 50+ presidents
    • 6 Hungarian presidents
    • 3 US presidents
    • 2 French presidents
    • 2 Popes
    • 1 Dalai lama
  • 40+ prime minister
    • 6 Hungarian prime ministers
  • 80+ Parliament reportage
  • 50+ interviews
  • 30+ festivals
  • 50+ exhibitions
  • 23+ European Championships
  • 25+ World Championship
  • 28+ World Cups
  • 20+ world stars
  • 8 Formula One races



Some example projects from my career (far from complete selection):

  • 2023 August 19-21 Athletics World Championships, Budapest, Hungary
    sports photography coverage with an international team of 7 photographer and 5 journalist for Xinhua News Agency
  • 2023 April 28-30 Pope Francis’ visit Budapest, Hungary
    news photography for Polaris Images photo agency
  • 2023 April 18 Korea-Hungary Business Roundtable Budapest, Hungary
    event photography for organiser J&I Global Marketing Agency
  • 2022 June 17-July 4 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Budapest, Hungary
    sports photography coverage with a team of 3 photographer and 2 journalists for Xinhua News Agency
  • 2022 Ukraine refugee crisis in Hungary
    news photography and video reportage for various news outlets
  • 2021 October 9 Day of Hungarian Handball, Budapest, Hungary
    sports and event video with a 2 person crew for the organiser Hungarian Handball Federation
  • 2021 September 12 Pope Francis’ visit to Budapest, Hungary
    news photography for Polaris Images photo agency
  • 2021 June 07 UEFA European Championships, Budapest, Hungary
    sports photography for Xinhua News Agency
  • 2019 Business meetings of CFA Society of Hungary
    event photography for organiser CFA Society of Hungary
  • 2019 June 11 Capsized Mermaid boat recovery, Budapest, Hungary
    news photography and video reportage for various news outlets
  • 2018 November 15-16 Financial Market Liquidity Conference Budapest, Hungary
    event photography for Corvinus University
  • 2017 November Industry complex drone photography, Kecskemet, Hungary
    aerial photography of a grain processing plant for the owner Julia Malom
  • 2017 September 23-27 Merce Festival, Barcelona, Spain
    photo reportage for EuroPress photo Agency
  • 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Budapest, Hungary
    sports photography coverage with a team of 6 photographer and 1 editor for the Local Organising Committee
  • 2016 VASAS Sports Club Congress Budapest, Hungary
    event photography coverage for the organiser VASAS Sports Club
  • 2015 Migration crisis on the border between Hungary and Serbia
    news photography reportage for various newspapers
  • 2015 June 04 World Body Painting a festival, Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria
    news photography reportage for
  • 2015 January 26. Chateau d’Oex Balloon Festival, Chateau d’Oex, Switzerland
    news photography for PuzzlePix photo agency
  • 2014 October 16 Marketing Expo, Budapest, Hungary
    event photography for the organiser Marketing Commando
  • 2013 July19-24 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Barcelona, Spain
    sports photography for Polaris Images photo agency
  • 2011 January-June European Union Hungarian rotational presidency
    news photography of various diplomacy meetings for Xinhua News Agency
  • 2010 SAP Business Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
    event photography for the organiser SAP Hungary
  • 2009 August 1 Pope Benedict XVI’s audience, Castel Gandolfo, Italy
    sports photography for EuroPress photo agency
  • 2009 July 29-August 4 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Rome, Italy
    sports photography for EuroPress photo agency
  • 2009 April 5 Barack Obama, US president’s speech Prague, Czech Republic
    news photography for Hirsarok News website
  • 2008 May 31 Boat accident Clevleys, Great Britain
    news photography for Business Daily (Napi Gazdaság)
  • 2007 December 7 World Latin-american Dance Championships, Vilnius, Lithuania
    dance photography for DanceSport Info
  • June 22 George W. Bush, US president’s speech in Budapest, Hungary
    news photography for Diplomacy and Trade magazine

An incomplete selection of my media publications:


  • Reuters news agency
  • Xinhua news agency
  • European Pressphoto Agency
  • Magyar Távirati Iroda
  • EuroPress news agency
  • Rex Features agency
  • Polaris photo agency
  • Corbis photo agency
  • Other Images agency

Daily newspapers

  • The Independent
  • Verdens Gang
  • Business Daily
  • Magyar Nemzet
  • Népszabadság
  • Blikk
  • Bors
  • Napi Ász
  • Esti Hírlap
  • Vas Népe
Weekly and monthly publications

  • Stern
  • Bild am Sontag
  • Le Journal de Dimanche
  • L’Express
  • Diplomacy & Trade
  • Glamour Magazine
  • Elle Magazine
  • Hot! Magazine
  • Kiskegyed
  • Terefere
  • Gyöngy Magazine
  • Újbuda newspaper
  • Dance Art Magazine
  • Shogun Magazin

Other periodicals

  • Pictures of the Day
  • PhotographerEye (FotósSzem)
  • Pictures of the Year (Az Év Fotói)
  • Innovation Almanac (Innovációs Évkönyv)
On-line news sites

  • Guardian
  • Daily Mail
  • National Geographic
  • Borsonline
  • DanceSport Info
  • National Dance News
  • Hazai Divat
  • Esti Hírlap Online

Software experience

Photo/grapphics editors:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Canva
  • Photo Mechanic
  • NeoFinder
  • Canto Cumulus

Video editors:

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Rush (desktop+mobile)
  • iMovie (desktop+mobile)
  • Avid Media Composer

Task management softwares:

  • Notion
  • Trello
  • Toggl
  • TextExpander
  • Evernote


  • Audacity
  • Adobe Audition
  • Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters)

Blog engines:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

Other IT experiences:

  • Blind typing
  • Mac OSX
  • PC MS Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Docs

Gear experience:

  • Sony
  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • DSLR
  • MILC
  • compact
  • DJI
  • GoPro
  • Insta360

Lens range covered:

  • 16-400 mm
  • Insta360

Professional experience

  • Position: Freelance video journalist, cameraman, reporter
    For: ARTE TV, Xinhua, international TVs and agencies
    Tasks: find topic, scheduling, recording, edit TV reportage
  • Position: Freelance photojournalist, correspondent
    For: international news agencies and newspapers
    Tasks: schedule, photograph riport, editing, captions
  • Position: Blogger, online content creator
    System: WordPress,, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    Topics: photography, media, drone, copyright, data protection, movies, culture, lifestyle, productivity
  • Position: Daily newspapers, photographer, photo editor
    For: Business Daily, DanceNews, Hirsarok, Stop
    Tasks: news photos, photo editor, photo archive keywording, DTP pre-production, news editing
    Team: leading, coordinating 2-3 man department
  • Position: Translation (English to Hungarian)
    For: Ecobit, Cenega, Dynamic Systems, 220volt
    Tasks: translate computer game and camera user manuals